These Videos Will Make You Want To Start Zumba Right Now…You’ll Be Happy You Did!





Can you no longer handle the equipments and wants to invest in a more fun activity? 

Try some Zumba classes.


It’s a mixture of aerobic exercise movements known to those who make physical activity with Latin rhythms and dances, such as salsa and merengue.


“The workouts are interval and total resistance to maximize calorie burning benefit cardiovascular fitness and promote body toning altogether,” explains Professor Marcia Motta Araujo, Cia Athletica of Brasilia.


Merengue: Easy Step Breakdown

Get the moves! Middle Eastern/Cha Cha: Easy Step Breakdown


In addition, Zumba is a full plate for those looking to lose weight: each lesson lasting an hour can burn up to 1,000 calories.


The choreography is simple. 

Some people may give up joining the dance lessons because they are beginners. In the case of Zumba, it can be done by beginners or experienced in the area.

“The intention is to create a system of dynamic gymnastics, exciting, fun and effective, and not an ordinary dance class,” says Professor Marcia Motta Araujo, Cia Athletica of Brasilia. The educational specialist Zumba Raphael Rosa, in Rio de Janeiro, states that any person at any fitness level, can do the lessons and raise the level of activity as you practice.


The results are fast. 

“Around three months you can see visible results, as the caloric burn of a class can reach 1,000 calories,” says Raphael Rosa. However, the teacher Marcia is a caveat, saying that the results may take more or less depending on the intensity level with which the student makes the classes and the fitness of each. “But as soon as the changes begin to happen, the student feels more motivated and engaged in class,” added Marcia.




Strengthens the legs and the butt

The body is crafted as a whole in Zumba, but the leg muscles (quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings and calf) are participating more actively, helping to strengthen mainly legs and butt. “The body’s center of muscles, known as CORE (abdomen, lower back, obliques, paraspinal and upper limbs) are also very worked,” says Marcia teacher.




Gives a higher Self Esteem

“We work with positive energy and fun, no matter if you miss steps or not learning first, the important thing is to interact and do not stop trying, promoting a high level of willingness,” says Caroline teacher. Teachers say it is very common the first students feel embarrassed at first, out of shyness or fear of making mistakes. “But as the lessons are happening, people come loose and lose concern for the other,” added the expert Raphael.




Works sensuality

“At first people look for the class because they want to lose weight, but they are involved by Latin rhythms, who talk a lot about love and passion, creating a sensuous atmosphere,” says Caroline teacher. In Zumba are made salsa dances, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton. “The Latin moves combined with dance raise self-esteem and help to awaken this more sensual side on the student.”


In addition to cardiorespiratory fitness, Zumba also works the spatial perception and motor skills, leaving the fastest reflexes and improving balance. “The mix of movements at different speeds are the main reasons for this gain agility and proprioception,” says Raphael Rosa. The combination of movement on one side and the other, with one leg, turning and other very precise steps are crucial for balance, complete Caroline teacher.

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It is a time to make friends.

The choreography are demonstrated by instructors and made a group, all participate, integrate and help each other. “In addition to individual choreography, can do dances in circles, lines and battles – strategy in which we divide the room in two, putting one group against the other, allowing them to exchange places and greater interaction between people,” says the expert Raphael . “Even in individual choreography, Zumba is nonetheless shared with everyone interacting and having fun,” says Marcia Araujo.

Take a look at this awesome Zumba routine that was created by Anaïs Kassardjian and Maya Chammas. They collaborated with a local Montreal non-profit called Move For A Cure, an organization that raises funds for charitable causes through fitness-based events. They’re dedicating this fitness routine to all breast cancer patients and survivors!

As they said, “Watch it, dance it, rock it and share it to raise awareness!” The song they dance to is “Salute” by Little Mix.