The Top Workout Playlists That Will Really Get Your Body Moving!




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Ever wonder what the professionals listen to when they’re working out? We talked to top trainers across the country to find out. Here are the best workout songs to stay motivated and pumped up.

Here at FITNESS, we think the best thing about iPods is that no one can judge our dorky workout music—what we listen to is just between us, our ears, and our feet. Until now.

The thing is, we needed inspiration. “Eye of the Tiger” just doesn’t pack the same motivating punch it used to, and there’s only so much Britney Spears one can take on the treadmill or the trails. So we decided to talk to the professionals — the people who work out for a living. We asked top trainers across the country to share their workout playlists, and this is what they told us, in alphabetical order by artist.

P.S. Okay, we admit it, we still love “Eye of the Tiger,” which is why it did make our final cut. Britney, however, was not so lucky.

The FITNESS Top 100 Workout Songs:

Put the boom-boom back in your zoom-zoom with these fresh playlist picks.

100 Best Workout Songs in the World

The Best Hip-Hop Songs:

  • Sweat-worthy rap and R&B workout songs

The Best Power-Up Songs:

  • Power workout songs to pick up the pace

The Best Dance Workout Songs:

  • Bouncy beats that move your feet

Motivating Workout Songs:

  • Motivating lyrics that stoke your session

The Best Remixes:

  • Music makeovers for any workout

The Best Yoga & Cool-Down Songs:

  • Songs for stretches and asanas

The Best Songs for Strength Training:

  • Tempos to help you crank out more reps

Best Country Workout Songs:

  • For some giddyup and go

The Best Rock Workout Songs:

  • Tunes to juice your stride

The Best Workout Songs of All Time:

  • Hit-the-gas chart toppers through the decades

The Best Old School Hip-Hop Workout Songs

  • Throw it back while you throw your reps up

The Best Songs for Running

  • These upbeat songs are perfect for your run