12 Super Foods for Preventing Hair Loss




Source: healthyandnaturallife.com

Hair loss is a common problem among people all over the world, man or women, and the most annoying thing is to see your hair strands in your hands when you brush, oil, shampoo or even on your pillow when you wake up in the morning. The key to triumph over the problem of hair loss is nutritious and healthy food. In the following article will are going to present you some of the super foods that you can use to prevent hair loss.

1.  Beans

This amazing super food should be part of your diet every day. Beans are rich in protein, which is one of the most important element for shiny and strong hair. The nutrients contained in the beans are keeping your hair safe especially in the cold days when it gets frizzy faster and it gets dry easily. By beans we mean: soybeans, pinto beans, chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, etc.

2.  Egg

We are aware that our hair is made of hence and proteins; so it is necessary to consume more protein – rich diet in order to keep our hair healthy.  And because eggs are one of the wealthiest sources of proteins, they are the best for providing strength to your hair. They are effective in preventing hair loss in both ways, applying them on your hair or eating them.

3.  Salmon

The proteins and omega – 3 fatty acids found in salmon are excellent for treating hair loss. They are effective in maintaining the hair shaft and a healthy scalp. With the consumption of salmon you are hydrating the scalp and hair, thus solving the troubles of dry and frizzy hair.

4.  Spinach

Popeye’s food is highly recommended to people of every age group to be consumed every day, because it is packed with a number of nutrients, omega fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, iron, minerals and potassium, which are all highly advisable for maintaining the hair healthy.

5.  Oats

Oats are the only super food that contains every nutrient, needed for our hair. Oats deliver a good quantity of B vitamins and protein, copper, zinc, which are some of the salient micronutrients for ending the problems of hair loss.

6.  Beef

There is a common belief that people, who experience the problem of hair loss, are deficient in protein and iron. Beef is a kind of red meat, which is regarded as the extraordinary source of protein, fatty acids and iron. Beef keeps the supply of blood to the hair stable, thereby fighting the problems of hair loss.

7.  Sweet Potato

The easiest way of consuming loads of vitamin A, copper, iron, protein, is with the consumption of sweet potato. This minerals and vitamin are essential for keeping the problems of hair loss away. It makes the tissues of the hair and scalp strong.

8.  Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the best super foods for getting strong and long hair. It is full with nutrients, such as zinc, magnesium, biotin, B vitamins, protein, vitamin E, iron, potassium, copper, calcium and selenium. These all are cooperative in stopping the hair loss.

9.  Green Peas

You must not underestimate peas because they are small! In fact, in terms of their nutritional benefits their power is massive. Peas are also a healthy source of vitamin C, beta – carotene, protein, which are excellent for strong hair.

10.  Nuts

Cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans and various other nuts are a very effective therapy for hair loss. The essential oils and vital nutrients that they enclose in them are fantastic for the heart, hair health, brain, and also for the skin.

11.  Carrot

Carrots, besides being good for the eyes, they are also proficient in keeping the hair and scalp healthy. Add carrots in your diets at least once a week and you will see how effective it is for you. Carrots are packed with vitamin A, which produces a healthy oily chemical on the scalp, called sebum. Sebum is keeping the hair and scalp safe from getting dry and dirty.

12.  Wheat Germ

If the problem with hair loss is bugging you for a long time, you must insert wheat germ in your diet as soon as possible. It is a powerhouse of nutrients that promote the healthy hair growth. Wheat germ is an amazing source of zinc, dietary copper, fiber, which are cooperative in keeping the hair healthy.