10 Common Health Issues You Didn’t Know Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach Could Solve





In Japan, many people drink water first thing after waking. Studies have confirmed the advantage of this healthy habit. This morning routine has healing effects and provides positive results in the management of several different serious health complications, including:

1. All body pain, including headache. One major cause of headache is simple dehydration. Stay hydrated and keep the pain away.

2. Cardiovascular disorders and diseases, including tachycardia and increased blood fat levels.Several risk factors for coronary disease can be elevated by dehydration. Water can’t do all the heavy lifting, support a healthy heart with Body Ready Omega.

3. Respiratory ailments including bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. Drinking filtered water can help improve asthma and other respiratory ailments by removing harmful irritants.

4. Gastrointestinal disruptions including vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and constipation.Dehydration is a major contributor to constipation and hemorrhoids. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to encourage healthy bowel habits.To help promote digestive health, try Essential Flora-7, a healthy probiotic.

5. Kidney and urinary tract diseases.This one’s a no brainer! We need to stay hydrated to keep our kidneys functioning properly.

6. Trouble with vision. Lack of water intake forces our bodies to work harder, which exacerbates any other issues we may be having, including problems with our vision.

7. Sinus conditions affecting the ears, nose, or throat. Not drinking enough water dries out your sinuses, causing inflammation and irritation.

8. Gynaecological problems including uterine diseases and menstrual disorder. Stay hydrated to help keep electrolytes and hormones in balance.

9. Epilepsy. Many epileptics cite dehydration as a common trigger for seizures.

10. Diabetes. Enough water helps dilute the blood and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Human beings are made up of over 60 percent water, replenish yourself and drink enough water everyday for a healthful life and the energy to live it. For even more energy, Nourish your body naturally with healthy antioxidants.