17 Amazing Benefits of Guava Leaves for Skin, Hair and Health



Source: ngalive.com

Guava is a tropical fruit with plenty of health benefits. It is loaded with vitamin A, C, potassium, dietary fiber and lycopene. However, guava leaves have also numerous benefits for health, skin and hair. Read the list below to see some of the healthy benefits of this plant.

1. Guava leaf tea can prevent weight gain and suppress appetite by keeping carbohydrates from being turned into sugar.

2.  Regular consumption of guava leaf tea is very beneficial for diabetics. This tea reduces blood sugar levels without stimulating insulin production.

3.  This tea significantly reduces the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol without affecting the levels of the HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or good cholesterol.

4.  The powerful antimicrobial properties of guava leaf tea can help against diarrhea and dysentery.

5.  Also, it is very beneficial for treating upset stomach and helps with food poisoning.

6.  Bronchitis and coughs can also be treated with guava leaf tea.

7.  Chew some guava leaves to cure your toothache, inflamed gums and oral sores.


8.  If you suffer from dengue take 9 pieces of guava leaves and boil them in 5 cups of water until only half of the original amount remains.

9.  Guava tea leaf can be used even for prostate enlargement and cancer treatment.

10.  Also, it is highly recommended for men who have fertility problems.

11.  Minor cuts such as abrasion or scrapes can be treated with crushed guava leaves in order to prevent wound infections. Guava leaf tea can help outer ear infection heal faster. Just drop guava tea cooled to room temperature on the affected area.

12.  During allergic reactions you can place crushed guava leaves on the affected areas to relieve the itch.

13.  Insect bites can also be relieved by placing crushed leaves on the affected spot.

14.  Guava leaves are rich in vitamin C so they can be used for treating acne and pimples.

15.  If you want to remove blackheads naturally, just mix a few crushed leaves and some water. Use the mixture as a facial scrub.

16.  This mixture is also good for preventing premature aging of the skin.

17.  Guava leaves can be used in treatment against hair loss. Boil the leaves and let them cool on room temperature. Massage your scalp to stop your hair loss.