22 Ways To Get Rid Of Inflammation and Joint Pain




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I want to talk to you a little bit about primary and secondary inflammatory response – how they differ from one another and why it matters!

But first…

What happened the last time you felt pain, had a headache? Did you reach for a pain reliever?

If so, you potentially could have robbed your body long term of it’s ability to deal with it!

First of all…. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

When primary inflammation is hard at work, you will not experience any pain or even be aware of it.

When primary falls short, secondary kicks on.

Secondary is when your body becomes swollen, immobile, in pain and often times you resort to going to the doctor only to be given pills that make the pain go away. Now, if you are on painkillers long enough, which most people are… your doctor will order regular liver blood panel tests. This is because many of the pain medicine out there can actually shut off the primary pathway of detoxification, making the vicious cycle of pain even worse!

So to truly be free from chronic pain, we have to understand the precursors to helping the primary pathway, which I will do in a second. BUT first, I want to tell you what things are contributing to pain and you might not be aware of...

So, now that you know what NOT to consume if you are in pain.

Quick Fact: Cancer cannot grow without inflammation. In fact, disease in general can’t thrive without excess inflammation!

Here is what you can do to help alleviate symptoms and ultimately, begin to heal the root cause from within.

Remember, in the Juice With Drew System and the membership, we encourage people not to cut out everything right away, but to start adding in the things that will have a profound impact in a short period of time!

Here is a list of important things that can help from a supplemental and dietary standpoint.


1. Sleep

Sleep deprivation causes an elevated immune response as well as increased inflammation. This can cause type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a myriad of other conditions. Here are some reasons you may not be sleeping (and what to do about it).


2. Omega 3’s

Taking supplements rich in these nutrients assists the body in having more primary inflammatory response and in unison, minimizes the chronic inflammation that causes too many people pain and suffering. Krill oilis a great option to get in your Omega’s daily. Get it here.


 3. Get Your Greens


Green veggies and superfoods are rich in phytochemicals, enzymes and nutrients. Taken on an empty stomach, these nutrients can bolster and repair your cells. This is why we tell people to start their day with a glass of warm water and lemon to get those digestive processes going and follow it up with a glass of green juice. If you are crunched for time in the morning, you can do what many of our clients are doing and have some Organifi. This is loaded with tons of organic greens and other superfoods to decrease inflammation and help you feel your best.


4. Gut Health


Efficient inflammation depends largely on your gut, like we talked about on last weeks Sat Strat. 80% of your immune system is in your gut, so consuming foods that are loaded with pre and probiotics pays off big time!


5. Hydration

Proper hydration is key! You see, the human body is largely water – 85%! So having enough water matters more than many people realize. I would recommend drinking at least 6 liters a day. One thing that I do with my water is to add Celtic Sea Salt as well – this has over 100 trace minerals in it. We all constantly expend these vital minerals daily, so replenishing them is important for your overall well-being. Adding sea salt is a super easy way to do this.


6. Turmeric and Ginger Tea


Using these superstars in a tea is awesome!  I can’t get enough of this stuff. On occasion I’ll actually add a little honey as well, which not only helps with the taste, but bolsters up the flavor profile as well. Check out my favorite recipe here.


7. Epsom Salt Bath


Epsom is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound composed of magnesium and sulfate. Did you know: magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells! And roughly 80% of the population are deficient, often unknowingly! Soaking in this bath not only helps reduce inflammation, calm the mind and body, but also provides the magnesium that you’re likely lacking. I love this relaxing and detoxifying recipe!

check out this video I made for you!


8. Load up on the Magnesium

Now that you know why magnesium matters because of #7, but maybe you aren’t looking to soak in a bath… this healthy “soda” recipe is a great one to try! And something else to consider: magnesium is fantastic for gut health and aiding in detoxification by relaxing the muscles with your GI to assist in ease with bowel movements.


9. Essential Oils

When I’m in pain, I like to rub peppermint oil on my neck, back etc. You may want to experiment with a few different oils to see what you like best. Lavender is also a great option to induce a state of calm. I like the peppermint because it cools the area, almost as if I had an ice pack on it.

Another essential oil I love for inflammation is Frankincense. The boswellia sap can be taken orally, or you can get it in gel caps from the store. Sideline benefit is that it helps open your pineal gland, so for all you meditators or masters of the mind, you may want to add this in anyway! (Namaste)


10. Tart Cherry Juice

Here is a great post on some of the amazing benefits and why YOU should add it to your regimen. Get it here.


11. Infrared Sauna

If you are really serious about your health (which I am guessing that you are if you’re reading this), you may consider investing in a sauna for the home or joining a gym that has one to use. The infrared technologyhelps stimulate and grow your bodies mitochondria, while reducing and eventually, eliminating, inflammation. Note: this is not the same as a regular sauna, this penetrates deeper into your cells, heating your body from the inside, out. It’s an amazing holistic treatment.


12. Turmeric


If you have not heard me raving about this enough – let me tell you this once more. If there was one super root I would bring to the pain relief party, this is it! Woo woo! This super root has more research and case studies than any other food. (Period) Check out this blog post we made on it.


13. Cayenne

With it’s active ingredient, capsaicin and it’s origins all the way from South America (and is now being grown all over the world), this wonderful red pepper is a destroyer of inflammation. Just a word of caution though… do NOT eat a whole pepper at once. This happened to me the first time I had one. The worst part was that I was on a date and she thought I was cray cray! But hey, maybe I am.



14. Ginger

This little root contains chemicals that help with inflammation as well. If you are experiencing gut issues or any discord in the bowels, this is one of my go-to’s! Really great to relieve tummy aches or indigestion, it even helps with time-of-the-month cramps (for the ladies).


15. Rosemary

This is one of the easiest things to grow as a newbie gardener or homesteader. A recent study showed that rosemary doesn’t have the superpowers of ginger or turmeric, yet it still helps combat inflammation and is loaded with vitamin B6.



16. Sage

Rosmarinic acid can be readily absorbed from the GI tract and once it is inside the body, my friend, it acts toreduce inflammatory responses by altering the concentrations of inflammatory messaging molecules in your body. Not only does it help with inflammation, but it bolsters a high load of antioxidants as well. It also helps with brain function…. and who doesn’t love a big fat, healthy, intelligent brain?



17. Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)


This fruit is a native of South Africa and gets it’s name from the tiny hooks that cover the fruit. This magical fruit has been used internally for years to treat many things, such as pain, liver and kidney problems, malaria and fever. It also has powerful effects when used topically to treat sores, boils and other skin issues. These days, the most common uses for devil’s claw is for the treatment of inflammation, arthritic pain, headaches, even neck and back pain.


18. Cryotherapy

Have you heard of it? All the cool kids are doing it and I’m about to manifest one into my life.  So get this – cryotherapy is a chamber-looking thing that you step inside and it blows upwards of negative 200 degree Fahrenheit air on you. (Can you say “shrinkage?”) The good news is that it seems to be helping thousands of people reduce pain and in some case, even remedy their ailments completely!


19. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)


This is cool. I actually have one of these machines at my house and use it often. HBOT is breathing in 100% pure oxygen while under increased atmospheric pressure. This form of therapy can be traced back to the 1600’s and was designed to treat disease (remember, at the root of all disease is chronic inflammation).HBOT increases oxygen concentration in all body tissues, stimulates the growth of healthy new blood vessels (improving blood flow), aids in the treatment of infection by increasing white blood cell counts. Many holistic health centers are starting to carry these now so do yourself a favor and seek one out in your area and give it a try!


20. Acupuncture

Until now, in  Western medicine, the jury was still out on whether acupuncture actually delivers the health benefits that so many claim. A new study adds further evidence of its worthiness though, as scientists have shown a direct connection between acupuncture and physical mechanisms that heal sepsis – a common condition in hospital intensive care units that springs from infection and inflammation.


21. Tai Chi


A recent study showed that Tai Chi can reduce inflammation in breast cancer survivors. The focus with this exercise is slow movement and deep breathing, thus reducing stress levels and in turn, reducing inflammation (and disease).


22. Matcha Green Tea

This potent healing ingredient can be found in our very own Superfood Greens PowderOrganifi!  In a recent study, Matcha Green Tea was found to reduce inflammation and enhance bone health in postmenopausal women. So drink up – here’s a recipe to try!

There you go! You now have a master list of what you can do to take back control of your life and put your inflammation in check once and for all! I’m excited to start hearing the many success stories that we have seen from the community and the information that you are sharing with the people you love and care about the most!

Remember, pain is actually a great thing! Seriously.

One: It reminds us that we are truly alive! And better yet, that with life comes choice and we all have the choice to live our very best life, pain free, if we decide to do so.

Two: It’s like the warning light in your automobile: It tells you that something is going on and often times, the pain is a manifestation of something deeper. These warning signs allow us the power to listen and honor those signals for optimal health and happiness. If you challenge yourself to get deep and go places you have not gone before, I assure you – you will come out of this thing.

You may find yourself one day helping others unintentionally.

You may look back at this video and say to yourself, “it all started with knowledge…” (knowledge is power, my friend – but what you do with that knowledge is what takes things to the next level!)

You may find yourself pain free and able to do physical exercise like you used to.

You may find yourself more joyful, like a bag of bricks has been lifted off your shoulders once and for all!

You may find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror and simply smiling back, wondering who this new pain free person is.

When you find yourself here, would you be so kind to simply send me a message and let me and the team know that you have been touched by this? We love hearing from you and celebrating in your successful transformations.

If you are interested in making delicious food recipes that can help remedy inflammation, check out my Give Your Body 30 Book and Video Series.

Check out this recipe from our Give Your Body 30 Program: